Official VFX Sketch #59 : Light vs Dark

Banner art :

Light VS Dark

The forces of light and dark clash, make the best effect to show your allegiance,
Pick a side, Light or Dark and create an effect based on your decision. Make sure to include your decision in the title of your topic! The side with the most likes wins the battle.
Note : There will still be a vote at then end of the month to find the coolest individual contribution like usual.

October 3th → October 31th 11:59 PST

Submitting: Create a new topic in the " Events > 59: Light vs Dark " category with your name and sketch number in the title (Like this: “Nai Motai: Sketch #58” ), and post your updates to your topic during the month!

When you are finished, Edit your first post so it holds the final effect in the form of Youtube/Vimeo Video or High-Quality GIFs.

Please make sure to read this post with detailed rules if you are new to the sketches :

:sparkles: :gem: Sketch Hall of Fame (People who have Sketch Diamond - x3 wins!) :gem: :sparkles::


:arrow_down: If you have any questions, tips or tricks, reply down below! :arrow_down:

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Good luck, have fun!