Community sketch voting - Sketch #59: Light vs Dark

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**Check the original prompt here : **
Official VFX Sketch #59 : Light vs Dark

Vote timeline:
Nov 6th → Nov 12th

You can vote on your own entry! We just ask you be honest when rating your own entry and others. We’re all part of this small community and ask you to show respect and integrity at all times!

Note: you must be trust level 2 or above to vote
We’ll release the results on the 13th! (ish) Happy voting :memo::star_struck::heart:

There are so many good works this challenge as well!
but it seems that the voting button is not yet enabled. :confounded:


Oh, yeah, you’re right, it wasn’t enabled.

Sorry about that, happy voting!


Literally congrats to everyone! All are bangers!

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FYI: old link in “Check the original prompt here:” :slight_smile:

Again so many good entries! Will get hard to decide who I am gonna vote for :smiley:

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Whoops, clearly wasn’t paying enough attention. Is fixed now