Official VFX Sketch #41: Lightning

Background Image Source: Getty Images

Alrighty! After a brief stint with some more experimental sketches, we’re taking a breather and jumping back to some more traditional VFX Sketches we hope you will find electrifying!


Make an effect based on the thematic: Lightning!

Scoring and Winning:
As in the previous sketch we will be voting through a community voting system!

Judging criteria includes:

  • You showed WIP throughout the month
  • Your work is technically and artistically well-executed.
  • Followed challenge rules.

Submitting: Create a new topic in the " Events > 41: Lightning " category with your name and sketch number in the title (Like this: “Lightning Mcqueen: Sketch #41” ), and post your updates to your topic during the month!

When you are finished, Edit your first post so it holds the final effect in the form of Youtube/Vimeo Video or High-Quality GIFs.


  • Always cite your sources! Is your work based on someone else’s? Let us know! Always show your references.
  • All entries must be made during the running period shown below.
  • Do feel free to use any tool, system or workflow that pre-existed. Although we encourage experimentation.
  • Using a simple environment for presentation is allowed, but should remain simple and serve only as background.

April 2nd → April 30th 11:59 PST

Favorite : Will recieve a golden badge and avatar icon.
Runner up : Will recieve a silver badge and avatar icon.
All Participants : Will recieve a participations badge.


:sparkles: :gem: Sketch Hall of Fame (People who have Sketch Diamond - x3 wins!) :gem: :sparkles::


Please reply with any questions, references, or tips and tricks!

Good luck, have fun!


Some fun lightningesque references I love looking at!


Super Mario Odyssey

Final Fantasy VII Remake


More references:
Pintrest Lightning Board