Cokey VFX reels 2018

Hi all!This is my reel is also my new couse, I hope you like. These courses can only be sold in China for the time being, and there will be a chance for the English version in the future.


Oh, very nice! Would be interesting to see the course in English indeed :smiley:

Is that Kurapika effect for a game or just fan made?

my number ONE inspiration for stylized vfx.

Would be interesting to hear your opinion on the introduction fo shader graphs in unity? Are you planning to switch to their system?

+1 for an English course!


If you do release the course in English, sign me up for it! Beautiful stuff as always.

my awesome teacher!:sunglasses:

Saw it this morning on LinkedIn. Awesome job. Hope i’ll get to that level one day.

I love seeing your work. Legendary

This is absolutely gorgeous, as usual.

Beautiful work, %100 would sign up for English course. Thanks for sharing with community.


wowowweeewow! Talk about inspirational.

Pure eyecandy <3. Stunning work once again Cokey. 100 percent up for the english version

Love it, a course for that in english would be amazing.

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Adding a vote for the English course. Count me in. Great looking stuff!

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If you sell an english course… here, take my soul! :slight_smile:

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+1 for English!!! I will enroll for sure

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