Official VFX Sketch #11: Gore

The time has come! Another sketch another month, however this time around we’re goring to be rolling our sleeves and getting a little messy! Here’s the pitch:

The Challenge: (create an effect based on the following): “Gore”

SPECIAL NOTE ON REFERENCES: Let’s keep photo/video references that you post PG-13. VFX themselves can go as far as Doom or Gears of War, I don’t want to restrict too much. If you have rating questions pm me or ask below, otherwise be smart about it and use your best judgement. Thanks guys.

Submitting: Create a new topic in the “Events > 11 - Gore” category with your name in the title and the sketch number (e.g.: “Susie Stevens: Sketch #11 WIP”, and post your work! This includes any work in progress you may want to show as well as your final result. Final entries should be posted through either Vimeo, Youtube, or as a high quality GIF.

Please be sure to cite your sources if you are using another artists work as a base, or even taking inspiration! Remember, this is a learning platform, and is meant to be used as personal work that pushes you technically and/or artistically!

Timeline: One month (April 4th - April 30th 11:59 pm PST)

Scoring and Winners: Sketch badges will be awarded to all participants. Points will be earned based on the amount of likes/buzz your topic receives (hint: show your work in progress ;))

1st Place (most likes and buzz): 1st place VFX Sketch badge and avatar badge
2nd Place (second most likes and buzz): 2nd place VFX Sketch badge and avatar badge
All Participants (put forth a visible worthy effort): participation badge

"Voting": To vote for your favorite entries, all you have to do is drop some love by clicking the like button on any of the owners posts within their topic during the course of the month. This is not the only factor in determining the winners but it is heavily influential in the final results. Winners will be selected by the 3rd of the following month.

As always, if you have any question feel free to ask below!

Good luck and have fun! :exploding_head:


I know I will love looking at all the submissions for this sketch, gore ftw.

Wow, i can not WAIT for this one. It’s gonna be rad.

Awesome, time to spill some guts! :crazy_face:

let’s prepare for very disturbing reference material :exploding_head:

Guess I might need a VPN to access rtvfx after this challenge is over :see_no_evil:

better BEFORE you start looking at anything related with the challenge.

“Hi darling, how was your day? What are you…WHAT THEHHEEEE FUCKCKCKKKK???”

Damn, you are right. Completely forgot about that part!
Child: “Daddy, Daddy! Why is this man’s head coming off?”
Wife: "DARLING!! How can you not log out of your Google account before handing the tablet to the little one, he just wanted to see tractors, now it will be tRECTors forever!!! :rage:


actually this is something book writers are facing pretty often. if they want to read about bomb making as research for a character in the book, they must be pretty careful :smiley:


Oh, damn, I’m bad with gore, think I might have to skip looking for actual ref…

yeah I mean that stuff can churn your stomach for sure!
maybe some alternatives help:

  • popping melon instead of a human head
  • juice being spilled
  • A robot filled with motor oil
  • Insects and plants
  • Elemental creatures

Oh, thats a great Idea Dom. I didnt even think of a water melon.

that’s marmelade, right?

Yeah, I was already thinking of doing something with gore replacement or insinuation, might be interesting to see what one can do with it :smiley:

@simonschreibt Ugh, dude :smiley:

no gorrelation to human body parts, promised:

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looks like strawberry, 60% sugar. two spoons of gelatine and a sip of rum. roughly.

I like how it is closed at first and then opens:


yeah, really cool! this could be part of a bastard between dark souls 3 boss and a myazaki character. Has some majestetically gross vibe about it… disgusting and cute at the same time

Perfect reference :slight_smile:

so disturbing! please give me real gore now

  • not as exiting, but splashy: