Nuclear weapon VFX from Civ6

Now that we’re done with Civilization VI, I thought I’d post some of the effects I did here for everyone to see. This is the Atom Bomb and then the Hydrogen Bomb effects.

Both A-Bomb and H-Bomb from Troy Adam on Vimeo.


Ahhh these are so nice! Feels a little weird saying an A and H bomb are nice though hah. It’s really great to see your work again. :slight_smile:

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It’s really cool to be able to see those kinds of large-scale explosions given the time that they need to convey that sense of scale.

I think we usually get told to make it much snappier and out of the way because it “obscures too much of the screen” or “gets in the way of gameplay”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome effects. Combined well with the cartoony art-style. Treat to watch!

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Thoroughly enjoying Civ6. Great work Troy et al.!