Nikola Damjanov - TGT Competition WIP

Hey guys, there are some great contributions so far, keep up the good work! :wink:

Here is mine work in progress. I’m focusing on the disintegration part first.

Things to do:

  • initial part aka startup of the vfx
  • trails/motion
  • integration (into a teapot:)

Any comments are more then welcome, thanks!


I like the feel of the timing already. Nice work! A note that you might not get to till polish but it feels a little diffuse with no real hot moment. Might be cool to add some value variation in there somewhere :grin:


Thank you Petrie!

I’m glad you like the timing, that is my favorite part so far as well :slight_smile: And you are absolutely right about the value range here, it does need some pop. I was aiming to add some secondary additive elements over everything for that exact reason but just enabling some post-processing does the trick as well imho. As you can see in the video:

Also, I’m trying to implement Substance Designer deeper in my workflow. For example the dissolve texture is completely procedurally generated which gives me incredible iteration speeds.


I’ve tweaked and added some more particles. Moving on to the initial part (startup) of the effect. I plan to have some ground effect/runes but with a more modern style.


To echo @NateLane on this, I love the timing so far! Great stuff

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I started designing/animating the transmutation circle that will serve as startup part of the vfx.

Design with constructor lines:


First animation pass:


OK, a bit of progress. I’m considering the first part done. Unless some cool feedback comes my way :wink:

On to…trails!


Nice NikolaD ! It’s cool to see the evolution of your work, I look forward the final result :slight_smile:

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Looks fantastic!
Love the variety of different effects going on here and can’t wait to see the transmutation part! :slight_smile:

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Loving the timing on the whole thing!
Are you planning to add some subtle particles on the appearance of each transmutation circle?
and can’t wait to see the rest Nikola !

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Thanks man!

I wasn’t planning on adding particles on trans-circles, I kinda felt they are already distracting a bit too much. Do you feel that particles would be a good fit? I might try them…

Hola peeps! :slight_smile:

I’ve been busy this week so I haven’t made as much progress as I planned but I have something to share. Here is a current state of the motion trails. I think it’s only missing some particles on top. What do you think?



Hey Nikola,

I love your tail effect is beautiful!! I am looking forward to see your final result!!!

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Thank you, I’m glad you like it :wink:

Hopefully I’ll manage to finish everything in time.

Pieces are slowly coming together and those prizes are just increasing the pressure :slight_smile:

And here is also a first pass on camera motion:

Any thoughts?


Wohoo this is just great! :open_mouth:
Love the motion, all of it!

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Just for presentation purposes, I’d say just tone down your camera movement from 0:11 on. It’s cool, but it distracts from the effect a bit. I do like the camera motion for the first part of the effect though

v07a <—

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Hey guys…I’ve been quiet and busy for the last 10 days thus lack of updates. I haven’t made any major progress but nevertheless have something to share.

Here is the current state of the VFX. I’m still thinking about camera movement and should I even animate it. I do like the motion but it does take away some attention from the effect itself.

With no camera anim:

I would also like to share some texture breakdowns. I used to make texture for VFX mainly in Photoshop but this contest is a good oportunity to try and use Substance Designer for everything. Here are some breakdowns:

Swirling trails:

Scrolling texture for upward exploding glow for the transmutation circle:

Small particles:

Secondary glow motion trails:

Primary glow motion trails:

Motion trails big supporting glow:

Secondary alpha for transmutation circles:

Alpha for the inner object dissolving elements:

I hope these are interesting :slight_smile: I will share some more breakdowns in the following days.

If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please say.



Thanks for the texture breakdowns! As a newbie I always find it hard to figure out what sort of texture I need for an effect, and lots of tutorials start with “here’s a pre-made texture I just happen to have already made…” without showing the thought behind why or how that pattern was made or chosen in the first place. These are really helpful to see how shapes are built up for use though, thanks!


Glad I could help out :wink: I know how hard it can be at the beginnings. If there is anything unclear feel free to ask :wink:

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