Nibilli: Sketch #46 Dragon's breath

Final result :

Alright I got distracted a lot, I’ll call it here ^^

I had some fun with this one to be fair. My initial design was probably flawed but I think there are other ways to acheive a similar technique but better.

(The gif is super bad…I’ll try and fix)

What I’ve got so far. i’m going for a simple setup just a flame cone basically.
I started with a cylinder mesh that I deformed to get that cone
I then used an aggressive fresnel to keep only the center.
masks on top and bottom
I panned and triple sampled my hand painted texture
And finally I just added a lut for the color.


Added a secondary flame behind. Same shader different lut.
Tweaked the angle and the fresnel


I worked quite a lot on this since last time

Added sparks with multiple colors

Added thick swirly smoke

Added expanded luts for all the flames.


last experiment with adding some shimmering and noise to the lut for a bit more volume.