Niagara - Wall off eyes (4)

Testing Niagara attribute transfering and lerping values depending on target position


Made some polishing and materials adjustment


That is creepy as hell, but really cool xD


Used VAT (Vertex Animation Texture) to animate an eye base popping though the wall and to change vertex normals

Here’s how I made an eye blinking part:

Shader part:

Parameters change with curve, depending on player’s position:


This looks very cool! I liked the use of a VAT texture for the blinking ;D
Can I ask how you managed to get the texture of the wall to match the particles? I thought that maybe you’d be sampling the BaseColor GBuffer, but I don’t see that on your setup ._.

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Thanks man!)) Well I used vat mostly for animated Vertex normals to make eyes appear smoothly, not for blinking))

Yeah, I just made a world aligned texture node in both materials for wall and eyelid.

Here’s an example:

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