Niagara Tutorials Playlist

hi guys as you all know about new particle system in unreal engine Niagara. ever since it released everyone trying to learn it so i just learned something with help all some guys tutorials (Dean Ashford, Art Hiteca
and self practice. and i am still learning Niagara its fun to learn and make new things
so here i am sharing my Niagara tutorial playlist i hope you will find it useful.

Isn’t this a bit too expensive? 5000+ particles plus animated texture sheet.

The overdraw alone should be a killer.

Same with the ones you have where thousand of particles emit lights.
Any other tutorial with light / embers.

the main idea is people learning things from my tutorials i agree that my most of effects are not game ready but i try to tell people how things works.

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If your effects aren’t game ready, don’t you think that maybe they shouldn’t be tutorials? I mean… It’s completely okay to just show off cool stuff (and your stuff looks cool!), but you don’t have to make it into a tutorial… especially if it’s full of bad practices, man. I’m just worried about all the new people who will think that these are good practices, and don’t have the experience to judge for themselves.


learning effect tools and tricks is more important than just optimize them. can they optimize their effect anytime once they learned tools how to create effect.

I have to completely disagree with this one. The main thing new people should learn (including me) is the mindset and principles first. Tools are secondary. But that’s just my opinion. ¯\(ツ)

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I agree completly, especially since one of the easiest things to do when you get started is just following tutorials and have no idea what’s optimized or not. You just follow along with the practices you learned and then suddenly your game is super laggy because way too much overdraw etc.

-sigh- 100% agree with you that he should definitely call it out and not claim to be an authority on the subject when he’s clearly putting out bad practices.

@cghow Who says learning effects tools and tricks is more important than " just " optimize them? They’re both equally very important if not more. I’m in no way claiming to be an expert myself but based on your tutorials and the assets you release you clearly have 0 knowledge of optimization or clean practices.

You said in your previous post that you are aware how your tutorials are not game ready; then why sell unoptimized stuff on the asset store for 100$ ? Don’t you think a a teacher / someone releasing tutorials needs to hold accountable for the quality of their own work if they want any form of credibility? Or are you just trying to get a quick buck/quick views from those not as well versed?

If you want my honest opinion your tutorials are really cool looking and definitely do help a lot of overwhelmed beginners by spoon feeding them (bad) practices, but as Jan said, it would be best to not call them tutorials and instead call them “breakdowns” to show HOW you achieved the effect.

Another suggestion would be to DM some seniors or those more knowledgeable than yourself for their advice, correct the mistakes and then release it out.

When I started VFX I had no idea about optimization and effiecently either and I wish I had learned that first. I once upon a time created a spell which had like 500 additive quads stacked on top of each other because I didn’t know what overdraw was, how blend modes worked and was guided by my peers that I could achieve the same result with 1 alpha blending and premultiply quad. Don’t be shy to ask man, we’re all here to help!


everyone has their own opinion and everyone is right in some way… :slight_smile:

you are right. bro i work in a game company i make effect for games that are fully optimize and ship-able for games. i have knowledge how to optimize :slight_smile: and what i meant when i said tools are more important for a new guy who do not know anything first he will start learning tools then he starts learning about how effect works in games and optimization and principals. i mean when i learned i did not start this with using 10-15 particles i used to use 10k particles but i learned optimization later and its really not that tough you will learn optimization while learning tools and making your effects. you all guys are right and one more thing i never said my effects are for mobile games for anything you can use these type of effects in cinematic or just for fun. :slight_smile: