Niagara trail issue using ribbons


I’m new to Niagara and trying to achieve good-looking trail (using ribbon). Either I don’t quite understand how to do it or something is wrong with the ribbons. One of the main things is, I don’t have the settings to tweak the actual trail like Max Particles in Trail, Tiling distance, Tessellation step etc. So my question and request is, does anybody know where to find these settings or how can I achieve something good.

I’m posting an example of what I’m aiming for:


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Since you’re new to Niagara, I would recommend starting with the very basic Epic tutorials here:

One of those demonstrates a basic ribbon setup. Once you’ve gone through that, download the ‘Content Examples’ project from the Unreal Marketplace, open up the Niagara level, and examining the example content. There are probably 20 different examples of different Niagara FX in there, some of which use ribbons.

EDIT: As a quick aside… particle spawning is defined in the Emitter Update block (spawn rate, spawn burst, etc), Tiling Distance is controlled in the Render Properties, and Tesselation is controlled in the Material.


Thanks for the suggestions. A combo between Tiling distance, Spawn rate and Lifetime worked much better! Still a bit of tweaks needed, but it is getting to the right direction.

Thanks for your sharing