Niagara Single Emitter Scoped Renderers

Hi there, I was wondering if there is a way to assign separate Sprite Renderers to a random subset of particles in an Emitter. Of course one could duplicate emitters and configure with separate renderers, but I I couldn’t help but wonder if it was possible to ‘select n particles’ at random in one Niagara Emitter and assign just those a different renderer/material than the rest - should you already have a well connected particle sim going and you just want to vary some of the sprites individually.

Random Material Binding? Dynamic Parameter Binding?

For simplicity sake, say I have a DefaultSpriteMaterial thats assigned to the Sprite renderer, and then I have a DefaultSpriteMaterial_WithHolePunch that I want to assign to 25% of the particles in the Emitter.

ooh, visibility tags should do! now how to group particles randomly… akin to kill particles with a boolean condition?

Sweet! Enable Requires persistent IDs in Emitter Properties, set each Renderer’s Renderer Visibility value to a unique integer, and then set the particles visibility tag property using an integer math function of UniqueID that resolves to the domain of those renderer visibility values.