Niagara Sim stages + pressure solves

Hi there, I’ve been poking around with Niagara Simulation stages and the like… a lot of great and useful stuff in the advanced Niagara content examples to support what was put out in this demo.

Unfortunately, what I’m really after is that volumetric smoke trail effect and it I can’t seem to find anything anywhere on it. Anyone have any idea if the Niagara System for it was released anywhere, or how one might approach it?

The Niagara Simulation stages are quite advanced techniques. @dokipen did a video on his endeavours, which might bring you on the right track.

There are no official examples as of yet, as far as I know. I think there is a fire example in the UE5 Ancient Demo and there are a few undocumented examples by Asher Zhu floating around somewhere on the web.

Hiya :slight_smile:

From what I can tell in that video, its a 2.5d sim. If you search for asher zhu niagara, there is a video of him demonstrating the idea but with 2d liquids. They project the emitting particles into a 2d grid where they solve the smoke much like in my experiments.

Also there is a video presentation of a technical paper called Fast Eulerian Fluid Simulation In Games Using Poisson Filters. If you look towards the end of the video then they show the 2d fluid in a 3d world effect as well.

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Heh, yeah on closer inspection you can pick up on the fluid sims running on cards. Explains the separation/dottiness. Overkill in a way, compared to distorting a good looking smoke texture in the material.

thanks for the replies.