Niagara Render Unsynched

I downloaded a paragon character, did some vfx into one of its animations and mounted the whole thing into blade infinity environment, when I play the scene in the viewport everything goes smooth but when I render all of the Niagara systems plays to their own beat and everything gets unsynched… I already went into some blogs but cant seam to find a solution and don´t even know where to start to attack the issue…

Could you give a bit more information?
-How are you triggerig the Animation? Sequencer?
-How are you rendering?
-Screenshot of your Niagara system & Anim notify & Sequencer track would be helpful

sorry for my late reply Tobias, I was able to fix it, I´m very new at niagara and unreal itself and I realized I didn´t had a track for the niagara component in the sequncer.

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