Niagara Projectile Movement (need help)

Hi, I am totally new with Niagara, I want to make a simple spell projectile, but don’t know how to add movement to this Niagara system projectile. I tried with Add velocity on X axis but the projectile moves upwards and to a random direction.
I also tried to make this projectile as an actor blueprint and add projetile movement but it doesn’t work.

How can I move this forward?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

this should have worked fine. try to just turn off sphere location then see if velocity working properly or not.
or just try to put velocity above sphere location
i make niagara tutorials on youtube, have a look for cghow channel.


Correct me if I’m mistaken, but shouldn’t you set the velocity on spawn rather then adding it, since you have nothing to actually process this change in velocity on spawn?

Thanks, that worked fine!

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I just realized it works fine until I attach the Niagara system to my player. Is System attached the right node to do this? Because when I attach to this it goes to a random direction for some reason