Niagara multiple meshes in 'Mesh Renderer' lag issue

Hello there,

I was wondering if this is working as intended or there’s some kind of optimisation I’m not getting. I have a simple emitter where I just want to randomly spawn a mesh from an array. Using the ‘Random’ setting of ‘Mesh Renderer Array Visibility’ however chunks my performance a lot and the more meshes I add to the array the worse the hit. They’re not exactly low poly meshes but they’re not heavy either.

Could anyone tell me if this is the way it should be or there’s something I’m missing? Thank you.

I don’t no for the mesh Renderer Array, so I don’t no about the perf of it. For this kind of thing I make a custom index and don’t have problem with it. I don’t no this will help you.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it still lags my system quite a bit, seems to be doing the same thing just in a different manner