Niagara Module Weirdness

Hi everyone,

New to niagara… but when i add a new module in my emitter all my other modules are hidden. I can get them back if I go to the system overview and select the emitter again that is an extra step that sucks.

Is there anyway to have it not do this?? ive seen videos of people using niagara and this doesnt happen to them.

Im using base UE4: 4.24.3

Indeed, that doesn’t sound right, could you show us what that looks like, talk us through what you did?

So i start with a normal fountain emitter…

when i go add a new module, in this instance a color module, it “solos” the module

if i select the emitter in the system overview area it will bring back all the previous modules and my new color module

I dont want that second step, the “solo-ing” of the module to happen.

Can this be adjusted?

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This is one of new feature of niagara. When you select a module it will show only selected modules details/settings.

is there a way to turn it off?? i like not having to re-select the emitter to see all my other modules…

Just do not select single module. Select emitter and you will have all modules details at once.

Im not selecting the single module im adding it to the emitter from the + in the emitter

In the above image you have selected module.

thats the emitter, the modules are the nodes that make up the emitter; Spawn, Particle, Render, etc…

You have selected color module in that.

i created that module… thats the whole point of the thread is that it auto selects it and makes only that module visible and i dont want it to do that. I want to be able to add a new module and not have it only show that module…

I there here is some misunderstanding. So the point is when you create new module it make it solo and show details only that new module and when you again select emitter it shows all. Modules details. Well that’s how niagara UI works…

Given the settings on settings that this editor has, what im asking is, is there a way to disable this “feature”?

It seems like this would be something that they would give you control over in settings.

Hey there, Niagara is currently still quite feature incomplete, but asif is right, this is intended behaviour.

The full list of settings can be quite difficult too manage and troublesome to look through, furthermore this behaviour reflects cascade more, which is what people are used to working with.

I don’t think there is a way to turn it off right now…

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