Niagara Goop effect

Hi Guys, Im inspired by Martin Blasina’s VFX on artstation, I’ve been trying to figure out how this trail of goop is created coming off this ball but cant seem to come up with something, I tried working with some curl noise but it just doesn’t seem right to me. can someone guide me in the right direction?


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Looking at Martin Blasina’s reel, it looks like it is a mesh surrounding the main ball with a nice material that moves the texture. Here is a crude example, I had handy, of how one could set up the “waving” :

But I think there is also some scrolling and additional masking happening here.

Thanks, I appreciate the guidance, here is what my VFX is supposed to do

Sweet Debuff - Bomb explodes with a splatter to leave a glob of honey/syrup on the field (Yellow/Warm Brown Hues) (Slows attack speed)

I’m a bit confused about how I would handle the globs/Syrup on the field. would this be something I would achieve with maybe a custom model of a puddle??? or would another member of the team I’m in handle this?

if anyone could weigh in on this it would be helpful to get an idea on where to start for that type of thing maybe im overlooking a simple problem