Niagara event handler problem

this is a test…So i am using the red ball to spawn up. it dies. then the next emitter gets that death event and spawns. it is attached to another even location that spawns the white stuff falling down. So there are 3 parts, the red dies and spawns a line of sprites, then the white stuff is attached to their location… works as expected EXCEPT for some reason I get a puff of the white falling that spawn at the reds original location…WHY?? i’m going crazy with this. thank you in advance… !!


Hey dude!
Not sure exactly how your system looks like. There’s multiple ways of doing this. If you want to do it with Events, here is a setup that works for me. Three emitters, two events.
Red Death event spawns Greens.
Green location events spawn Whites.


Also, make sure the SpawnCount in your Receive Location Event matches the Spawn Number in your Location Event Handler Properties.

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