Niagara Emission on Mesh with WPO

Hi there !

I am trying to find a way where Niagara emission takes into account the world position offset of a material .

I have a sea shader which has some displacement driven through the world position . I wanted to create some fake foam and simple water spray happening on the waves .

Thanks !

One way you could do this is by re-creating whatever WPO logic you have inside the material, also in Niagara. And then also offest your particles with the same offest when they spawn, after spawning them on your mesh.
So for example, if you would have a panning noise texture driving your WPO, you would re-create the same by sampling the noise texture in niagara and panning it with the same speed etc.
If you want to make sure they sync 100% you can also let Niagara drive the ‘time’ of the panner via Dynamic Parameter.