Niagara Custom Event Handler Ribbon Spawn

Hello! I’m spawning Ribbons in a secondary emitter based on the location of points spawned in a primary emitter. The primary Emitter generates a location event and in the Secondary Emitter Under Event Handler Properties, I set Spawn Number to specify the number of points I wish to define the ‘resolution’ of the ribbon. I then created a custom scratch module to handle the event, take those number of spawned ribbon points, and offset them to position them and define RibbonLinkOrder using the [NormalizedExecutionIndex] which takes a count input. I would like to be able to generalize this programmatically when I reparametrize… but the Event Handler Properties ‘Spawn Number’ cant be linked to a parameter, even though I can pass through this count via a linked parameter.

My question is, inside my custom Event Handler Module, can I query the Spawn Number entered in the Spawn Number field of the Event Handler Properties from inside my custom Handler Scratch Module to plug that into [NormalizedExecutionIndex] implicitly? One depends on the other to get a nice equally spaced Ribbon that will actually have a world space length as defined (and measured via MMB in an ortho view), but I don’t want to have to constantly dial the two in tandem, as it should just be defined in one place.

In other words, when an event is generated per particle in one emitter, and event handled by another emitter which spawns n particles per source particle, how does one query the number of particles spawned from the event handler per particle?



Good question hope someone gets back to yea as i am curious