Niagara Component renderer Help!

Hi I’ve been trying to use the component renderer to spawn a decal on my scene but it doesn’t seem to work this is my settings


Okay So I managed to make it work it was a question of imputing the right rotation and scale it -90 on Y but the problem now is that I cannot ramdomize the rotation or the scale…

Also for Particles Position I selected Particle pre solved postion and it seems to work better.

Hi samani007,

You can get random size and rotation by making a couple new particle vector variables (in the picture I named them DecalRotation and DecalSize) and setting them up in the chain. Then you can manipulate the variables and change the bindings in the Decal Component Renderer.

Hope this helped.

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Hey Thanks it was very helpful, Decals are working fine. Now I’m trying to figure out how to attach them on characters.