Niagara Color Not Working

Hi, so I am making an AOE explosion particle effect right now and I am still new to Niagara. I have created a material as shown below

With that I am trying to turn these spikes to 0,0,0 the asset just disappears and I have no clue why.

If anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening please let me know as I have no clue.

You have put RGBA input from Particle Color to Opacity so probably it reads only red channel, try putting Particle Color Alpha instead

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If I put the Alpha from Particle Color into the Opacity, then my material isn’t set up how I need it to be. However, it is reading just the Red and Green channel it looks like. Whenever I put this to any color that is Blue it also disappears.

Using the RGBA channel in opacity won’t work properly. Opacity is a single channel. And you are inputting 4 channels into it.
I don’t understandy why your material would not work with just alpha channel in opacity.
If for whatever reason you are using your Color alpha channel for something else in Niagara, you can always use a DynamicParameter to push vaules from Niagara into the material.
Or you isolate a single Color channel e.g. just the red channel and push that into opacity.