Newbie Questions N'Stuff


I’m a Game Art and Design Student at LIT Ireland. Looking to get into VFX/FX in Games. I’m looking any advice, suggestions, tips etc.

As far as previous Effect experience iv "messed around in Houdini.

As for Game Dev, 3Ds Max, Sub Painter and Unity would the engine of choice.

Again any and all help would be appreciated, thanks.

This title says “Newbie Questions”, and I see no questions. The question that is implied is “Could you Firehose my Brain Please?”, which the answer is no. It would be in bad form to drown someone who wants to learn this virtual wizardry.

I hate giving this answer, as I hate getting this answer, but it’s the honest truth - Use the Search. That magnifying glass up to the right. I’m not posting this to be an ass, in all truth - Welcome! You just don’t realize… how big all this is yet. All the programs you’ve mentioned, if you type them into the Search, will ping back content. If you have a question, you need to know what you want to ask.

Here. I’ll even give you a push.

Goodluck. And again, Welcome! :slight_smile:

In hindsight my post isn’t great, but the reply is great feedback. And definitely a push I needed. Right after o posted I went straight into the search bar, the main issues im having is the correct workflow/method to bring a effect from Houdini to Unity.

Current college requires effects Like, muzzle flash, explosions, gas grenades, so I’ll start went looking into these effects.

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