New VFExtra Site + VFExtra 5.3

VFExtra New Website!

I built a new website that should hopefully make it a little easier to find the things you are looking for!

The new site features 2 main improvements :

  • The Plugin now has it’s own dedicated section for the latest version (including version)
  • The Texture downloads have been separated by category so you don’t need to download the entire thing at once and risk having to do it multiple times if your connection isn’t great.

VFExtra 5.3

No major improvements, but having the download makes it so you don’t have to compile the plugin yourself which is nice especially for students.

Let me know if you have any feedback!


This looks useful, I’m bookmarking it for the day I finally decide to try out Unreal!
Great set of textures too, are those also under CC BY?

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Yes, the textures are under the same license!

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Bookmarked! Looking promising.

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