New Unity Built-in Particle Shader

Hey all! I want to draw your attention to a new sub-forum we have just released on our forums:

It is a new forum for us to share experimental Particle System features with you.

There are 2 features available already, and the most exciting one is a new “Standard Particle Shader”, which aims to provide all the core particle shader functionality in a simple interface.

We feel that it’s pretty close to being ready to ship as a built-in shader within Unity, so with that in mind, it ought to be usable in many of your production titles in its current form.

The direct link to the Shader is here:


commenting so I can find this later

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Just browsed the code a bit and it looks really promising!
Gonna do some testing in the next weeks and see what it can do! :slight_smile:

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The experimental forums are really fun lately, I just tend to miss whenever new stuff shows up there since you guys keep making new subforums. :stuck_out_tongue: