New to VFX and i really need help on unity particles

Hi i’m a newbie and i have a small trouble with the Unity Particle System. I want to know how to recreate a FX like this (attachment below), I want to make the VFX bursts around the UI border, I have tried but i haven’t had the best reult yet. Can you guys help me pls, thank you so much.

Most likely they just set a shape that just resambles those borders. For instance on the rectangle one, you can have 2 emitters (top, bottom) that are just placed in correct places. Same with that thing on a right. Just a ring shape spawn.

You can add custom spawn shapes, but I doubt they did it here.

So in short, the solution is create 2 lines for the top and bottom and 2 half-circles for each side left and right, that will be 4 systems in total, right? I tried to use spawn emitters from edge of a sprite but it didn’t work the way i expect, Unity converts the images to something like 3D shape with few small triangles across the image sprite so the emitter spawned all over the place but not the contour of the image. Thank you so much for your solution i will try it.

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2 lines + 1 circle, no need for half-circles

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