New to this wonderful world!


My name is Sonya, I am a student at DigiPen Institute of technology and starting to fall down this rabbit hole of VFX.

I still have a lot to learn but currently I am learning the ways of Unreal, Unity, and After Effects VFX. Houdini is on my list but im wanting to test the waters in these other programs first!

I look forward to all your wonderful feedback and diving deeper into this wonderful field!

Find me here;

Below is a little demo of my current work;
The powerup task was to create three different power-ups using one texture sheet.


Welcome! Glad you found us! :slight_smile:



As for feedback on your powerups: Here’s a quick little tip :smiley:
Currently it is difficult to read the effect. There is little to no variation in value, colour or shape-language. This makes it hard to identify the important parts of the effect.

I went into photoshop to illustrate what I meant.

By adding value differences between primary and secondary, it becomes easier to identify the important elements.

You obviously don’t have to seperate them using value, other indications might work better with your vision. The important part is that a player can easily read the intended meaning of your effect.

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Thank you for the feedback!

I went in and added some totally different colors to just overall play with the effect and sell what they would do. Im still on the fence about if this hurt the design, or helped it yet. More experimentation incoming!