New Jobs Feature: Profiles

Hey all. We just added the ability for employers to search custom job profiles. This database of profiles exists separately from the forum database, so if you’re looking for a new gig, here’s how it works:

From the homepage, click the “Job Seekers” drop-down, then “Create your Profile.”

Then, simply put in your email and new password, then fill out your profile page:

Once this is complete, employers who have purchased a job listing will have access to search the database of artists from their dashboard:

The listing of profiles will look like this to them:

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this feature. Happy hunting!


Hi Jason,

I think this is an awesome feature to integrate into the job board. Maybe I missed out on something, but do you mind if I ask you why does it say it expires in Feb 2017? What happens after Feb do you re-register? Or pay?

Good eye. The profile database access lasts for as long as the job post that was purchased. In the example image, I used a dummy account. At the time I screen shot it, things weren’t quite set up right, so there was a 30 day post with 90 days of access. I’ve since added 30 day access to 30 day posts.