New 'Game'? - diagnose a bug

pogo_shadow previous shadow VFX blended as expected
shadow_vfx_pogo_bug_01 today I noticed this


{render order : top is last}

  • shuriken particles
  • ? 3D
  • UI_element
  • ? 3D

I think, UI_element does not depth test

  • During alpha rendering UI vert info is behind geo
  • After v2frag UI pixels are discarded when they find the geo

Thus the 3D char can be ‘ontop’, provided nothing affects the geo color contribution

Since particles depth test with geo, (and geo renders first)

  • When the particle is on top, the amount of color geo contributes to destination is reduced
  • When the UI_element reaches frag (geo was reduced by alpha of particle) it contributes color to destination +some char creating a ghost char composite

Finally the particle renders on the destination partially occluding both geo+ui

i suspect that the previous version was a RTT; For optimization that might have been changed