New Forum Feature: Light and Dark CSS Themes

It’s been a long time coming, but discourse and our team are happy to say that we can now allow users to switch between dark and light themes!

Give them a try! You can change your current theme by selecting the “hamburger” menu next to your profile picture, and looking to the bottom of the dropdown:


Please let me know if you have any problems/feedback!



I love you a little more right now Keith.
No longer will my eyes burn like a thousand suns while browsing RTVFX at night and I thank you for that :slight_smile:


Sorry it took us so long! We had a hack for the user selectable versions a few months back, but it broke some policies on cookie usage for some reason way way way above me… so we had to wait for a few new features directly from the discourse group.

Also let me know if you find any issues - now that we’re setup, theme adjustments are quite easy. Working on this has made me fully appreciate how terribly calibrated my monitors here at home are.

I cant live without calibrated monitors.
Too bad HDR ones are still stupendous expensive else I’d move onto those.

I just opened my regular tab of webpages that I always visit and it took me a few seconds to recognize this website :stuck_out_tongue:

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Should I make the dark theme default? It’s a very polarizing subject…

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Yeah I think it should be default for the dark theme and still show that option if people ‘decide’ to switch to the light theme.

I’ll add my vote in for defaulting to the dark theme.