Nemanja Licina: TGT Competition WIP

Hi all,

Here’s my current WIP.
I’m not all that crazy about it. It feels too noisy and “all over the place”, also, even though I used a primitive as the main object, the entire effect is conformed to it so it kinda wouldn’t work when used on the actual mesh.
If you have any ideas how to improve it please do share.

I’ve still to figure out the trail and re-assembly.



Basically those shards need to re-assemble into a cube. Will continue to work on the trails as I’m not happy with the wonky motion right now.


Hello Dread, nice work there! Keep working on it, I look forward to see your shards re-assemble into a cube :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Another update:

I fell most of the main elements are done at this stage. I will spend one more session on this polishing timings and adding smaller “flavor” elements.
Hopefully I will find time to do a breakdown later on if anyone cares…


Love how this one’s evolving! The dynamic already looks pretty nice! :slight_smile:

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This one is really dynamic. I really like the ribbons coming out of the sphere and then turning into the cube. Nice nice stuff.

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Looking really nice! It’s fun to look at with all of the motion. I particularly like the 0:07 shard swirl. Having the ending box start larger then get smaller to encompass the ending mesh feels really nice too!


Yes! I love that the models have multiple layers that come on and off super nicely.

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