Needing help with Unreal Niagara Ice Explosion

Hey everyone,

I would really appreciate some help on a Niagara particle system I’ve just started working on in Unreal Engine as I’m quite a newbie to the software. The issue I am having is that when trying to destroy my ice block mesh the simulation seems to throw off to the side and explode rather than exploding in place. The Niagara editor shows the correct explosion and gravitational effect but when I play it inside the editor it’s all messed up.

Below is short clip of what I’m trying to explain. Thanks in advance.

Edit: just noticed the clip doesn’t show the in game play editor. Basically the mesh explosion you can see doesn’t occur in the same place and seems to have a velocity pushing it to a side rather than falling down directly as the video shows.

from a glance, that would seem to be me as a world space force affect your effect.

You showed all forces are in simulation space, but your emitter is in world space.

have you tried setting the emitter to local space?

Also why are you solving the forces twice at the end of your update stack?

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Thanks for pointing that out, I had the same thought on why Unreal provided me with 2 solving forces stack when I hit the suggested fix option.

Ah yes your right, I just found the option for local space was unticked on the emitter settings.

Thank you very much