Need some advices

Hello dear members of community,first of sorry for my English.I am in very difficult situation and want get some ideas for my future plans.I am from a 3rd world country where there is a high inflation,high unemployment rate and politicial problems.I am studying in university but there is no way i can find something after my school.Thats why i would like to learn something that can give me some oppurtunities.I have an interest for vfx and game devolopment.Thinking of learning Houdini as there are not so many people know it unlike maya or blender.But i also read somewhere that learning Houidini is not a good idea as it s very difficult and other tools can do same.I was thinking of learning Houdini then unity or unreal engine.But now i m a bit confused…what you recommend me?thank you so much and again sorry for my bad English

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If you want to make vfx for games definetly start with game engine (Unity or Unreal).
Houdini skills are a high value but not a starting point for sure :wink:
Also keep on studying because university degree may give you a visa in the future.

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