Need help with implosion reference

Hey everyone! I’m looking to create an implosion effect for my demo reel and while i have something in mind already I can’t seem to find much if any reference for implosions. The closest thing in real life that I can use as reference is underwater explosions so I’m looking for references from movies or games. The best I’ve found so far are the implosion grenade from battlefront, and the recycler charge from Prey. I’m hoping that some people out there have some good movies or games that have interesting implosion effects that come to mind! Thanks allot for any and all help!


Shock Rifle from unreal tournament

ahh, cant really think of anything else off the top of my head at the moment. There are a lot though!

Thanks for the help so far guys!

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Syndra Q is pretty cool:


There is a sweet implosion in the starcraft 2 lotv intro cinematic.


Thank you very much! Been staring at Syndra’s Q, thanks for the reference!

YESSS!! I actually knew about this one going in, and I love it! I forgot to bring that one up earlier thanks for giving more light!