Need help with flowing texture snake shape

Hi, I’m trying to create material which texture flows along snake shape in unreal engine just like this clip but I couldn’t figured it out correctly how to make it flow from up to right to up like this.

This is what I’ve tried but it doesn’t look good at all :pensive:

I was wondering if anyone knew how to do it in material graph,
Thank you in advance :pray:

Hey Navz,
On a first quick look, it might be that you add your custom motion to the regular Texcoords. This makes that your values are not in 0-1 anymore but higher (0-2). So just directly connect the RG mask into the UV channel of the noise texture (or into the panner if you need animating).
As I said, quick look, maybe I did oversee something else.

Hope this solves the issue!

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Thank you for your response. :pray: I tried connecting RG mask to Panner directly but it still looks weird like this.

Safest thing to do here, is to manually add a time based value to g then recombine it instead of using a panner. Yes, technically that’s what panner is doing under the hood, but since you can’t check what it is actually doing it’s better to take that unknown out while trying to find the issue.

Also look at the texture settings and make sure sRGB is not enabled. That will apply a gamma to the sample before passing it into your graph and so the resulting values might not be what you expect.

That’s the 2 things I can think off of the top of my head


It works! Just uncheck sRGB in texture setting and now it looks good with both Panner and Time node.
Thank you so much! :smile: