Need help troubleshooting an effect in UE4

Hi, first time posting here (:

I’m working on an effect, and I’ve created the material for it, the next step is creating a particle system using that material with a mesh type data.

This is where my issue begins. While the material is behaving correctly on the mesh itself, once I apply it to the mesh in the particle system, it begins flickering out every couple of seconds (unless it’s selected). I have remade the particle system and applied again but it still does the same thing.

anyone experience something like that? any help and advice would be appreciated.
On the left is the particle system bugging out, and on the right the material on a mesh.

UPDATE: Fixed issue. Had to go to particle system and click in an empty area with no emitters, then scrolled down in the menu on the left to the “occlusion” section and set boundaries to none.


These kinds of topics best fit in the Technical and Engine Help section for the future. But! Does your particle have a spawn rate and lifetime to it?

Thanks for the info, wasn’t sure which section it would fit best.
It doesn’t, as it’s supposed to have just one continuous orb, so the spawn rate is set to 0, and instead there’s a burst with values of 1 and -1.
I’ve tried playing around with the lifetime but it didn’t seem to change much.

maybe take a look at your particle bounds, if they’re unset, set them to fixed and make them a decent size. The fact this stays once selected suggests a bounds issue somewhere

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Try this: set its lifetime to 0 (it will live forever) then, in your Required module, scroll down to your Duration section, and set Emitter Loops to 1. This will spawn one particle that will live forever, once. I think your problem is it’s constantly spawning a particle over and over.

Also try what @alex.underhill suggested as well. It’s always a best practice to set bounds for every particle system you make.

I have done both things and it’s still blinking ):

Hmmm, are you using a dynamic parameter to control anything?

I actually set up a dynamic parameter in the material on a few things, but I haven’t added it to the particle system yet, thought I’d first figure out the flickering issue. Could that be connected?

If you don’t have the Dynamic Parameter behind any kind of True/False switch in your material that could be the problem. Add that to your particle system (don’t forget to right click and refresh the Dynamic Parameter module, or your parameters won’t show up as what you named them). See if that fixes thing first.

SInce this is a Mesh Particle, you might need to increase the Mesh Bounds for the Staticmesh asset that you are using in your particle system.


Oh, yeah, what DeepSpace says :smiley:

I literally just created an account here only in order to thank you for that update! So thank you!:slight_smile:

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