My Real-Time VFX Reel 2018

Hi everyone,

I`m “Ryan Zeng” a senior vfx artist from Taiwan and glad to share my reel 2018.
I have done a lot of shader work for effect in the past year.
I enjoy learning shader knowledge and new solution that something like Substance designer and Houdini to optimize the work flow.
Inspired from many great talent from the community or around the world.
I really appreciate it.
And thanks everyone purchased my asset package from Unity asset store.
Keep level up myself and look forward to the new challenge in 2019.


Great work,

Just want to notify you that your background music is clipping which might is slightly anoying.

That’s a hot reel, no lie

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Oops, you’re right. Thank you!

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Thank you for your compliment!

This thing… is so… CLEAN! If I wasn’t aware this was in a real time engine I would think this a motion graphics demo reel. I would like to commend you for resisting the anime-like urge to make everything explode big, and keeping the focus strictly on pure readability, not just on the UI FX, but in your reel as well.

Nicely done. :clap:


Really cool reel. Excellent shader work you have got there.

If the only thing is that you could try to add a few effects within the real game environment context, after the technical breakdown. So you show how shader is working in unity, then you can show how it looks within the game, just a suggestion. Great work.

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I truly appreciate your compliment. It give me great passion and power.
You are right.
In the past few year of my career ( ex: reel 2017 / 2015), I do many complex effect or full skill performance.
I try to turn it to be simple. And mull each effect what I done many times in the past to remake within a clean way. Maybe one particle with one shader, or even without any texture.
It is really not easy but full of fun. So I enloy it in my 2018.
So I will keep take challenge and improve my ability and sense for vfx.

Thank everyone who inspire and encourage me againt.

Thank you so much my friend!
You are right. It will be helpful.
In fact, some work had working in the game play scene, but some project not yet to release.
So I decide show it within new scene.

Awesome work man, Keep knocking it out of the park! :+1::+1::+1:

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