My personall work, please destroy it ^^

I was working in FX for a few months and this is my second month fully dedicated to this. I’ll keep updating some stuffs here and critiques/feedback are loved.

I use Krita, Blender, Unity and Amplify Shader Editor (usually).

Thanks to everyone, this forum is great and maybe the best community I’ve never found (sorry for the english),

  • The video is to long, try to keep it at 1 min, only take the best. You could have the rest saved somewhere to showcase later
  • You don’t need to showcase one effect in several angles, show max 2 angles if needed, 1 is usually enough.
  • You showcase a lot of different techniques but try to put them in a video game perspective. You got a water shader, make a lake. You got a league of legend scene, make it really look like league by having animated characters etc. Sell the feel that this is for games.
  • The last pieces with the avatar fire, wind and water are your strongest. You should have a scene similar like that because it gives a good scene feel.
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Oh, thank! I’ve never think about what you say. The showcase is important.
Sorry for that, thanks for the tips. ><