Music playlist for work

Hi vfxlers,

so what are you guys listening to at work ?

Feel free to share your playlists no matter if youtube, soundcloud or playlists ! :slight_smile:

My daily morning routine for me!


Hey, great idea, and great Playlist! :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:

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I’m all about the unabashedly upbeat tunes (constantly adding and culling): Upbeat - playlist by jasonkeyser | Spotify


Noise. I love noise with a beat ^^ Electronic | Spotify Playlist

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Code Lyoko?

You’re a good man. :smiley:

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Hey all! Tons of people come to me for custom playlists as I’ve been knee deep in music my whole life. I usually listen to drum n bass when I’m working, here’s my master list: DnB - playlist by saiainoshi | Spotify

If you’d like to check out my other playlists(theres hundreds) go here: saiainoshi on Spotify


thanks guys I guess I got my fresh music for the next weeks! :raised_hands:

I forgot all about Code Lyoko, i’m glad you pointed it out on his playlist haha

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It was THE cartoon of my childhood, and one of my all-time favorites, alongside the Iron Giant and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. :heart:

And listened to a bit of everyone’s playlists. Good stuff. I know what I’m gonna listen to in the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

Great list!

I’ll discover a lot of things ^^

I like just about anything in music too, but when i work i tend to listening more rap music or metal.

Thanks for the playlist, I’ll share one with recent hip hop and maybe one with metal.


Here’s my list, it’s all sorts of chill, retro-future, trip-hop and more.

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Yo just sharing out my playlist. I tend to listen to ambient, instrumentals to get through my day.

Something along these lines… I listen to a lot of;

Something along those lines :smiley:


Current favourite. Music/Ambience.

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Cibo Matto works great for me, it’s energetic but not too much :slight_smile:

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Great thread!

I listen to these channels. Very easy listening

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Different mood

Realistically I can’t listen to this all day, it gets a bit intense after a while.
and I need to pause it when working on timings.

I really like finding these pre-made youtube playlists for whatever genre of music I’m in the mood for. This is my current favorite list:

How did I miss this thread for so long?

I have a “dump everything here” playlist which has… a bit of everything in it:

These are a bit more focused:

dnb: dnb - playlist by urgaffel | Spotify
Kpop: Kpop - playlist by urgaffel | Spotify

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