Mods participating in sketches

Hey all! What are your thoughts on mods participating in the sketches, able to win and all?

I think we brought this up before but just creating a simple poll to get everyone’s gut feels.

Topics are (sometimes) chosen by vote, and winners are chosen by vote. Only advantage is a mod may have known the topic a week or so earlier… Is our “word” enough to trust they didn’t start early?

  • Yes they can enter!
  • No they shouldn’t enter!
  • They can enter but can’t win!

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Hmmm I think in case of suspicion we could always check the files meta info and see when were they created, right?


I think the community is ran on trust and at the end of the day sketches are more about learning, having fun and doing something in parallel with the community.

Robbing mods the ability to take part in the very community they help maintain (voluntarily) sucks, in my opinion.

I don’t think we should be suspicious or check metadata or stop mods from taking part in the challenges. Just make cool stuff and have fun.

Of course, if the sketch has a context larger than that, say a challenge for some [prize] or [reward], then I think keeping it fair in the sense that only non mods can take part would be good.

Thanks for all the help and work you guys do for the community :smiley:


My thought is that if there is 1 master mod overseeing the rest of the mods then it’s okay. You could even cycle out the master mods for each sketch-- kinda like watch duty at the castle keep.


Let’s go further, Mods participation is MANDATORY. Sketch winners become new Moderators. Mods fight in the sketch-o-drome to hold the crown!!

Or maybe just if it looks like a fun challenge.

I feel like this misses the point of sketches. I personally think that game jams, sketches and so on are more of a “for fun” endeavor.

let’s keep it light-hearted, casual and friendly. We’ll win more as a community in the long run this way.

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