Missing OUTPUT writes on Niagara

Hey everyone!

I’m on Unreal Engine 5.1 and seems that for whatever reason I am not able to choose the OUTPUT writes from a module. The only one available is the one from the solve forces and velocity.
So I am wondering if there’s any extra option to choose that since I want to be able to access the output from the Update Mesh Reproduction for a basic morphing effect.

I made sure of course to disable the option to write to intrinsic variables, but even if that’s checked, I still should be able to access the outputs isn’t it?

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated!

Might not be it, but theres a few modules in 5.1 where you have to select between output and apply now.

Ah, the issue is that mesh reproduction outputs vectors, not positions, so they don’t show up when you look for outputs of type position.

Try using a convert from Vector to Position dynamic input


Always a life saver Niels!
Gotta be more careful with those conversions. Thanks a lot!

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