Mirza Beig's spritesheets

Hey guys, it’s my first post here!
I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this pack from Mirza Beig. It contains lots of fantastic vfx prefabs done using Particle System. Many of them use custom-made spritesheets. I wonder how does he generate them? Hand painting? EmberGen? Substance Designer? Maya/Blender? I hope some of you bought this asset pack, so you might have an insight on how it’s get done.


Alright, in case anyone else was wondering, the man himself answered me:

Hi! IIRC it was mostly After Effects, although some of them may have been created with my older tool, ‘Shuriken 2 Spritesheet’ (baking particles from Unity to textures). The simulations (non-stylized effects - explosions, smoke, etc…) were rendered from Blender.

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