Mesh Rendering - Array Element


I am currently working on an emitter that uses a 4X4 Texture sheet & 1 material and multiple meshes. The material has a Dynamic Parameter - Which allows me to pick which one of the Texture from the 4X4 should be picked.

However, I would like to use 1 mesh render and I want to use “Array Elements” and add multiple meshes.

How can I tell Niagara to render a specific mesh?
For example, I might want to render mesh A from Array Element, or Mesh B. How can I achieve this in runtime without Blue-prints?

Can someone help me out here?

You can do it directly in Niagara via the MeshIndex parameter.
In ‘Initialize Particle’ there is already functionality to select a specific mesh from the array:

You could also select random there.
If you need to, you can also change which parameter Niagara uses to select the meshes. This can be done in the Bindings section of the MeshRenderer:

It’s just a parameter of type int. So you could, for example, set it to a custom int User parameter and set it via Blueprint as well.