Mesh Flickering Issue

Having a pretty decent time trying to lock down the source of this issue. Coming to you all to see if you have any ideas. I have attachments that are loaded onto character models, and now at certain angles? they start flickering between visible and invisible.

YT Video of the issue:

I’ve played with the camera distance and occlusion on the various meshes and nothing seems to affect it. I’ve seen the issue crop up now and again since 5.0 released, but seems to have increased a bit with the 5.1.1 update yesterday. Happens with different attachments on different character meshes. UE5.1.1.

Any ideas on paths to go down?

Could be the bounds of the meshes. I know with large volume particle systems, there’s visibility issues if the bounds aren’t large enough and the camera clips over them.


Thank you man! Creating a physic asset for the weapon mesh fixed the problem! It was exactly what you said.