Material editor

Hey guys!

Is it just me or I dont understand material editor in unreal…I had a lot of experience using Thinking Particles where you also connect nodes together but this material editor is whole new concept and I dont understand nothing…Im watching this tutorials from unreal engine youtube channel. Is that normal that I dont understand nothing? Im total beginner

Hello there.

Of course its normal. How much did you know about TPs nodes when you started learning it? Just learn it like you learned every other 3D software.

Houdini, Nuke, TP, Blueprint,… are all node based but knowing how to use one doesnt make you an expert in every other node based software.

Have you tried looking at any tutorials?
There’s a lot out there for Unreal’s material editor.
And yeah, it’s totally normal to not understand something you’ve never done before.
That’s why there are tutorials.

I was you at the beginning of the year. Even for a seasoned VFX artist, the material editor was definitely one of those things I had difficultly wrapping my head around. Definitely do some tutorials, and also just take a look at how various materials are put together for premade effects. I promise it will get easier!