Making Grapple Hook and Melee Whip

I am creating a gun that shoots out a cable inside UE5.
The game is top down perspective.
The skills using the cable will be a melee attack (like a whip) and also grappling (pulls enemies and player).

I know of 3 options that might give me the results I want.

  1. Cable Component
  2. Skeletal Mesh (Rig)
  3. Spline Component

Does anyone have suggestions on the direction I should go to get the desired results?

Ehi, if you want i suggest you to try niagara Ribbon. With some basic scratchpad you can achieve pretty interesting results. This is a link for a good starting point:
We are achieving some good results working on it.

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I would do a spline first, then push the spline data into Niagara. And do the ribbon thing :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the advice. I will check it out