Making a poly mesh from a path - maya QUESTION

Has anyone got a good technique for making a mesh from a path in maya. the mesh needs to have its uv’s aligned along either x or y axis so that a scrolling texture " follows" the path shape. the uv’s also need to match the scale of the polygon size, so that the scroll is smooth

mesh made is this

uv’s in aline

i’ve made a mesh, but its messy, and the uv’s are not proportional to polygon size. i’m sure there is a better way…

for the UV’s you should be able to just select them and then unfold using the legacy tool and keep the horizontal axis locked.

Not sure about the mesh - can you not just make the leaf, star, flower and circle shapes and then duplicate them around as required? Might be easier to start with a plane rather than drawing a curve and extruding.

How about using Bevel Plus, it can generate pretty good geometry along with UVs, and only keep one loop? then use legacy unfold with a Horizontal constraint to scale UVs as @tharlevfx suggested

Another way is using Offset Curve on the main curve twice, one that offset IN and one that offset OUT. Rebuild those two offset curves with quite a few CVs then loft a surface between the two offset curves. Convert surface to polygon and tessellate with Format “General” to add lots of segments. Then use legacy unfold with a Horizontal constraint to scale UVs