MadVFX: New VFX resource site

Hey Everyone!

I’m excited to share with you a site that I’ve been working on, which teaches about VFX. It’s a passion project of mine and I’ve put a lot of effort into creating it. It is a helpful resource for those interested in real-time visual effects.

If you have a moment, I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! Any feedback or suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the link:

Thank you for your time, and I hope you find this resource useful!


I didn’t have time to read to much, but so far sounds really informative! Will look at it again later

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That’s awesome! I started to read about the basic and VFX great information of what to expect and everything.

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Is the text of those articles AI generated? The pictures are clearly AI, and the text has some weird wording and formatting.

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The art is Ai generated yes

sorry english is not my first language i still struggle with writing.

where does it look wired ?

No worries, it’s my second language as well :sweat_smile:

I just noticed some “,” used instead of “.” with a capitalized word after. There are words in the middle of the sentence that are capitalized for no reason, and some sentences that start with a lower case. I don’t know what your writing process is, but typing it out in something like google docs should let you catch all of those small issues easily.

In the color theory one the font of the text changes suddenly at the end of the article.

Those are all small mistakes that anyone can make, but I hope you can understand that having AI generated images right next to it made me doubt the text as well.

On the more general feedback - I’d love to see a lot more substance to the content of those articles. Like in the cinematic effects one you write

With the continued advances in VFX technology, we can only imagine the future VFX will bring.

I think it would be cool to look into where the things are going, what do you expect the future of VFX to look like? If you were to make another article out of it, you can link it back in the cinematics one to show the connection between the two.


Thank you so much for the feedback that is a great idea

I have been writing these articles for past year and with the new tools for AI i understand that having Ai generated Thumbnails makes people doubt the text as well.


i have a lot of issue with “.” and “,” and the lower case and the capitalized words and run on sentences

I was taught to write as if i’m talking to somone and that is kinda my issue some time. yay US education :sweat_smile:

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I tried to sign up for the News Letter and when required to confirm I am not a robot and type in the Captcha it told me it was incorrect every single time.

Oh that is wired i will see what is going on
can you send me your Email i will add you manually

I checked the website, But if it could provide value for learners, it would be great. Like Courses for Beginners, Tutorials for beginners would be great. Consider making actual courses rather than just information.

Because your target audience pretty much knows what is real-time VFX. They are looking to learn how to make them…Not “What it is”, I wish you can focus on the “How it is done” part. I found 1 Houdini tutorial on your website, I wish to see more.


I am planning on doing courses and tutorials for beginners i just wanted to get the foundational information first.

I will keep that in mind and do more changes to my road map to include the “How it is done”

Thank you so much for the feedback

Small Update:

I’m happy to share some exciting updates regarding the blog. I have transformed the design to resemble a blog and shifted the focus towards providing more tutorials. Additionally, I have some new content to introduce to you. Here’s what’s new:

-Removal of AI-generated thumbnails: Based on the feedback I received, I have made the decision to remove all the AI-generated thumbnails from the website. Although visually appealing, I believe that manually selecting and curating thumbnails will offer a more personal touch.

-Reorganization of main menu : To streamline navigation, I have restructured the main menu. Some of the tabs that were previously cluttering the menu have been moved under the “Blog” section. This change ensures that visitors can easily access the different categories of blog content.

-New page: Game Dev / VFX Terminology : I am excited to introduce a new addition to the website - the “Game Dev / VFX Terminology” page. This page serves as a comprehensive list of terms used in the industry. It aims to provide readers with a quick reference guide, helping them understand the industry-specific terminology. this will of course will be changed and updated but this is what i can think of for now would love to hear what everyone thinks and if there is anything i missed.

-New tutorial: Shield Impact : I have also published a new tutorial on multiple shield impacts. This tutorial dives into the mechanic and techniques involved in creating a shield with multiple impacts for games.

New post: What You Need to Know About Textures Used in VFX for Games: I’m excited to share my latest blog post that delves into the importance of textures in VFX for games. And it provides explanations and examples of texture maps It also discusses various methods of creating textures, and Understanding how textures are utilized in VFX can greatly enhance the visual quality of your FX.

On tutorials, I will be devoting more time and effort to creating in-depth guides. These tutorials will cover various aspects of game development, VFX, and related topics.