LUT/Gradient Generator for Unity

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been working a lot with gradient remapping recently and was getting annoyed with the back and forth between Photoshop and Unity. So, I present to you the LUT Gradient Generator for Unity!!


It’s pretty simple, extract the package ( google drive link ) into your Unity project and access through Window > LUT Generator.

  1. Click the small gradient to set your colours through the standard Unity gradient interface
  2. hit the Save Gradient button and choose a save location

The output is a 256 x 1 png, saved where ever you chose to save it. The window will save the last gradient you were working with when closed. Tested in Unity 2019.2, but it isn’t doing anything that special, so should work in most versions :crossed_fingers: Code is commented to some degree, should you wish to change anything feel free; but I’m not able to offer much in the way of technical support if you break it :grin:

I’ve learnt a lot from this site, so I’m hoping to give a little back by sharing this. :smile:


Updated output png to 256x4 px as Unity grumbles about lack of ETC compression with anything lower than 4px height

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